This technological process of metal welding, far from any academic affections, shows its peculiarity and has roots in the moment of the Doing that is so underestimated, despised and betrayed. The weld beads and the deposits of the different alloys and the relative colour tones offered by the metal nature are made through pure welding systems and different techniques, heating locally to obtain the molecular weaving between the basic metal (stainless steel plates) and the welding materials (steel, copper, bronze, brass) so to have the desired tones and graphisms. Work temperatures can vary from 500/ 600 C° to 3000 C° depending on the techniques and the applied heat sources. The knowledge that has been applied to that experience and the one coming from this latter have formed me and have given me an extraordinary force to get these results through a hard working in a rising of unique artistic emotions since 1970. I dedicate this peculiarity to all men devoting and sacrifying their life by their mind and their hands to the world of metal and to the human progress.

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